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Welcome to Super Lawn Trucks!

The Super Lawn Truck, SLT, is a highly specialized landscaping truck system for storage and transport of all the tools you need to operate a super efficient, wildly profitable company. SLT specializes in producing unique trucks that mold to the needs and wants of our clients. An SLT truck is like no other when it comes to reliability, dependability and engineering. With an SLT truck, your crews become more organized, more effective and more professional than you have ever imagined.

SLT trucks combine features that are innovative and easy to use. Many of the features found on SLT trucks are unique to the company and cannot be found elsewhere. SLT trucks can be customized to any specification. Our unique features include tool boxes, shelving, inventory system, tool storage system, hydra-ramp and security system, side dumper and maximizer door.

Special Offers

START YOUR Super Lawn Truck PURCHASE RIGHT HERE  - Place your deposit for the Super Lawn Truck of your choice by clicking here.  By clicking here and placing your deposit, you reserve your spot on our build schedule.  We can work on your finance options and the details of your Super Lawn Truck design before we start building your truck.  Our online processing is 100% secure and if your financing is not approved, we will refund your money or apply your deposit to another product purchase.

Request a FREE Quote by clicking here. 3 simple steps to design your Super Lawn Truck and find out what it will cost in about 30 seconds.  (FREE quotes available on standard models)

Manually Operated Loading Ramp for Box Trucks - SLT MR-750 - Click here to purchase online - ships anywhere - bolt on loading ramp for lawn mowers and lawn equipment transform box trucks to lawn trucks - 866-923-0027

Super Contractor Truck Model Just Released - Perfect for contractors who need large amounts of tool storage plus a dump truck for materials handling body options. Video Here.

Need a Super Lawn Truck really fast - Click here for more info.

Find a sample of available Super Lawn Truck models and a handful of demo landscape trucks at

Trade Shows

Online Trade Show - Manually Operated loading Ramp for Box Trucks - MR-750 Perfect to upfit used box trucks.  Load lawn mowers safely into box trucks with finished floor heights of 40 inches or below.  Weight capacity is 750 pounds per ramp or 1500 pounds distributed weight across two ramps.  Watch the 1 minute ramp video at the link above.

Online Trade Show - Super Contractor Truck - This tuck design is like getting two trucks for the price of one!  You get a heavy duty dump body PLUS a huge walk-in tool shed to organize your tools!  Another SLT original design to help improve the productivity of contractors moving people, materials and equipment to job sites.

On The Road Super Lawn Truck Demo Video - Take a look at this video. 

Profit Growth Training Workshop  - Atlanta, GA - 8AM-6PM (Fri/Sat) & 8AM-12PM (Sun) - Privately held educational event for landscape business owners seeking to improve profits, organize their business, and work fewer hours.  Super Lawn Technologies exclusive event. You can register by clicking here! 

New Super Lawn Truck Videos For Landscape Pros

Get a complete, close-up look at these amazing, time saving, money making products in this exciting video series on Super Lawn Technologies products.  

1) Watch the Gravely Lawn Mowers being loaded with the SLT Eco Series Body & Eco Hydra-Ramp.

2) Watch zero turn riders being loaded onto the Super Lawn Truck using the ProSeries Hydra Ramp.

3) Learn about the manually operated loading ramp for lawn mowers and box trucks at the SLT Exterior Dovetail Ramp.

4) Check out the dramatic efficiency of on board fueling stations designed by Super Lawn Technologies.  Saving time saves you money!  Click Here!

5) The FastTrack program from Super lawn Trucks could be the most affordable lawn and landscape truck design we have ever built.  Watch the video and get a quote by clicking here: 

6) The Super Contractor Truck is designed for landscape, enhancement, fencing, construction, and hardscape crews.  It's like getting two trucks for the price of 1. 

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